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Is kratom legal in australia ?

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Early in 2005, the Government of Australia imposed a ban on the Kratom use. This implies that the legal status of Kratom in Australia is that of a narcotic drug, the use of which can put the user behind bars. While Australia might have its own reasons for imposing such ban, by doing so it has crushed the civil liberties of more than 20 million citizens who were beginning to view Kratom as a symbol of hope and healing.

What does the current legal status of Kratom in Australia actually indicate?

Centuries of historic evidence has proved that Kratom poses no risk to the user. In fact the medical benefits associated with it are far out reaching. This proves that the legislation of Australia is ill founded and not based upon medical evidence.

But according to data and legality kratom in australia present, you still can try to buy kratom in australia.

How to buy kratom in Australia

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