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Relief of pain, anxiety and digestion may be merely a capsule or drink away
with kratom. The herb is a native to southeast Asian countries and has been used for centuries
by indigenous people. Sulawesi Kratom has kratom for sale in the unique Sulawesi strain that is
considered one of the finest available on the market.

How to Take Kratom

The southeast Asian plant provides many benefits to the users. A natural, native herb to
Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia, kratom has faced many issues here in the US but still remains
a legal supplement that may aid in digestion, energy, anxiety disorders and most famously,
pain-relief. Sulawesi Kratom at has kratom for sale in capsule and
tea form.

Drink as a Tea

To make tea, boil the water with the kratom powder in it for half an hour, cool then strain
before drinking. Once made, the tea can be consumed hot or iced for a chilled beverage.
Though a time-consuming method to make, most drinkers report better consistency with the
effects. For a faster but not quite as effective tea, simply bring water to boil and add the dose
strain residue and consume. Drinkers have reported that the stimulation effects are stronger,
but the analgesic properties may be reduced slightly. For the right tea, experiment with both
and see which works best for you.

Take as a Capsule

Kratom capsules are a very convenient method for taking the herb. However, there is a
difference in capsule size. Be aware of how many grams of powder each capsule holds to
determine the right number to take for your needed dosage. A perfect travel companion or to
avoid tasting the powder.

Swallow as a Powder

Probably the fastest, easiest way to take kratom is by using the toss n’ wash method. Pour the
desired dose straight into your mouth and then immediately gulp a large drink of water. Swish
it in your mouth and then swallow. Doses may be split into multiple gulps to make it easier to
swish and swallow. For those seeking minimal preparation, this method works and may provide
faster relief than some of the others.

Combine with a Protein Shake

For those who enjoy downing a protein shake, adding the dosage of kratom powder to the
shake may mask some of the taste. Protein shakes also provide a fast, easy way to take the
herb. If not already using protein shakes, do be aware it may increase your caloric intake.

Combine with a Yogurt

Add some probiotics to your day along with your kratom powder. Stir the powder into your
favorite yogurt and eat as usual. The simple food may help mask the taste as well. Take on an
empty stomach for best results.

Common Kratom Uses

These are only a few of the many kratom uses people have come up with, but most are the
most effective and convenient. Find the one for you and find kratom for sale at

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