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4 Ways to Take Kratom Powder

Grown in the tropical regions of Asia and parts of Africa, kratom is a medicinal plant with a history dating back several centuries. People in Thailand have used it to treat pain, insomnia and other ailments for hundreds of years, and the supplement has become popular in Western culture in recent years. Unfortunately, the taste of kratom leaves something to be desired, but luckily, you can buy kratom and mix it into other foods so that it will go down more easily.

  1. Add It to a Shake

People who use kratom to gain energy often add it to their protein shakes in the morning or when working out. However, some people cannot handle the take of kratom, and a protein shake causes you to taste it for longer than is necessary.

  1. Take It as a Pill

Consider purchasing capsules and creating your own pills but remember that you’ll need to take upwards of 10 at a time to get the right dose. Just one or two pills will likely have no effect at all.

  1. Turn It Into Tea

Making tea with kratom in it is one of the more popular methods. Boil the powder with water for about 30 minutes and then strain the liquid. While this is the most time-consuming method of ingesting the powder, many people feel the effects are more consistent this way.

  1. Toss and Wash It

The old “toss n’ wash” is the easiest and fastest method of taking kratom powder. Measure as much as you need onto a teaspoon, put it in your mouth and gulp it down with a glass of water. Warm water causes the powder to dissolve faster so that you don’t taste it as long. Searching for a kratom supplier is sometimes the hard part. There are dozens of them online and likely some in your local community. Before purchasing the powder, ensure the supplier you choose is reputable. When buying online, always read the FAQ first, as it is illegal to ship kratom to some states.

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