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There are a variety of different strains of kratom, each with their own slightly
unique attributes. Knowing all the side effects and choosing the right one for your particular
needs and wants is important for getting the results you crave. Buy kratom from Sulawesi
Kratom for the finest, exclusive kratom leaves on the market.

Know Your Kratom Strains

The southeast Asian plant provides many benefits to the users. A natural, native herb to
Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia, mitragyna speciosa or kratom has faced many issues here in
the US but still remains a legal supplement that may aid in digestion, relief from pharmaceutical
opioid drug withdrawal, energy, mood enhancement, anti-inflammatory, anxiety disorders,
blood sugar stabilizer and most famously, pain-relief. The leaves also supply the body with
minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. The native plant has been used by indigenous people for
hundreds of years taken as tea, straight with water or added to food. Sulawesi Kratom at has kratom for sale in capsule and powder form.

Various Strains and Their Effects

These are some of the most known kratom strains available. Each strain has a different
recommended dosage. Consulting a physician prior to adding any herbal supplement to your
dietary regimen and lifestyle is highly recommended.

  • ISOL-8 Extract—stimulates similarly to caffeine
  • Bali—closest imitator strain to a classic opiate and euphoric
  • Super Indo—less euphoric but similar to Bali
  • Red Indo— classic opiate like effects and sedating
  • White Vein Indo—known for attributes of pain relief and similar to Red Indo
  • Green Indo—a balance between energizing and pain relief qualities
  • Maeng Da Sulawesi —stimulates and energizes with effects of pain-relief
  • White Vein Kali—more dissociating or euphoric than others
  • Red Vein Kali—traditional strain similar to Red Indo
  • Green Vein Kali—attributes of pain relief and stimulates
  • Super Green Malaysian—each supplier differs but is often very stimulating without
    much euphoria
  • Gold Reserve Extract—kratom leaf is enhanced with kratom alkaloids that have been
    highly concentrated for a powerful extract
  • Red Vein Thai—less negative side effects but similar to Bali

  • Natural Enhanced White Sumatra—white vein leaf is mixed with an alkaloid extraction
    of 90% from white vein kratom
  • Natural Enhanced True Thai—leaf of Green Vein Thai applied with extraction of 90%
    alkaloids of Thai Kratom

Customer Support and Exclusive Strains

Sulawesi Kratom is the best place to buy kratom. We aim to provide the best customer service
with online chat available to answer any questions at any time of day. Grown along a river, we
harvest our kratom from fully mature trees in Borneo-Indonesia. The products we sell are
exclusive, not found anywhere else. If you’re looking for the perfect kratom to introduce into
your life to relieve pain, anxiety, depression, stress or energy, buy kratom from Sulawesi
Kratom for an honest company and the finest kratom available.

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