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Kratom and its medical effects has been learned for more than a decades particularly beyond Southeast Asia regions. This plant is often used as pain relief and stop opium addiction. Besides, it is effective to help anxiety. However, those who want to overcome anxiety with this plant perhaps sometimes might face any problem since it comes with various stains which each of them have different effects on health. Selecting wrong strain might result on ineffective benefit for the body. Hence, you need to be really careful when choosing the one to treat anxiety. Among wide variety of strains available, there are several strains which work well in subsiding anxiety.

Red Borneo Kratom
Red Borneo Kratom


Knowing as one of the most famous strains to reduce anxiety, Borneo contains alkaloid which is high in hydroxymitragynine and low in mitragynine. Both of them are good for pain relief. What you have to remember when using Borneo strain to treat anxiety is its sedative effect. This strain is pretty sedative which in some people can be good but for some others can be bad. It’s all depends on the need of the users themselves. Generally, Borneo inclines to have lower rate of side effects. This makes the consumption dosage is more flexible which become a good thing for people with anxiety.


Following the popularity of Borneo, Bali is another strain which is often bought by people. It is because Bali strain is not only quite sedative but also comes with great anti-anxiety effects. Besides, in term of price, Bali is normally cheaper compared with Borneo strain. This makes Bali becoming great choice for them who consider about economical thing when purchase something. Even though Bali kratom is effective to help anxiety, people need to be careful when consume it in high dose since it might causing side effects like nausea and wobbles. Hence, dosage becomes main concern when you fall your choice into Bali strain to reduce anxiety problem.

Red Sulawesi -
Red Sulawesi –

Red sulawesi kratom

Although there are some strains which are commonly purchased by people, Red Vein is known by lots of people to be more effective to overcome anxiety. It is because this strain has predisposition as high pain killer as well as good sedative effects. Since this strain is less popular compared with two previous strains, you had better to make small research previously before using this strain. It is because stimulation effects are resulted from a number of varieties of Red Sulawesi kratom.

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